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About Jamie:

With a Masters degree in Human Nutrition, Jamie Lamb is a knowledgeable Registered Dietitian with both medical and psychology backgrounds. She started Dietary Designs in 2012 and previously worked as a Clinical Dietitian post grad school. She does not believe in diets or selling products, but rather believes in small life changes toward improved health! Whether you are interested in weight loss/gain, enhanced athletic performance, increased energy/sleep, or medication reduction and chronic disease management, she is the most trusted nutrition source in town!


  • Athletic performance and nutrition
  • Immune function/health
  • Nutrition throughout the lifecycle (pregnancy, lactation, infant, child, adult, elderly)
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (nutrition catered to medical conditions, reductions of medications)
  • Weight loss/gain

More Recent Accomplishments:

  • Nationally recognized Registered Dietitian
  • Masters Degree in Human Nutrition
  • Worked as a Clinical Dietitian at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Early Accomplishments:

  • Outstanding student recognitions: National Honors Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, Wellgates Scholar Program of academic excellence, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and the Gamma Beta Phi Society of academic excellence.
  • Nominated as Northern Colorado Dietetic Association’s top student
  • Awarded the top ranked internship through Colorado State University’s Coordinated Masters Program