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Almond Butter Fruit Wraps

Almond Butter Fruit Wraps

These are my all-time favorite snacks to have while camping or out for a hike!  You can make things easier by doing the prep ahead of time, or you can be like me and do it all at once when you make it!  I have NEVER EVER had someone not like these – even people who claim that they hate fruit and/or spinach!  These are a guaranteed hit!

Almond Butter Fruit Wraps



  • whole wheat tortilla
  • almond butter
  • cinnamon
  • spinach
  • honey/agave
  • 3 different kinds of fruit (I’ve tried every combination possible and they are ALL delicious)!
  • Chia/Flax seeds (optional)


spread a stripe of almond butter (about 2 Tbl) along the middle of the tortilla.  Add cinnamon (I did the cinnamon out of order in the above picture, oops!).  Add spinach (1/2 cup or so).  Slice up 3 different kinds of fruit (I like to have banana be one of the fruits if possible, but seriously any combo will do).  Drizzle a tiny bit of honey on the top and voila!  Spread some chia or flax seeds on the top as well if you like!


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