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Basil Pesto Goat Cheese Burgers

Basil Pesto Goat Cheese Burgers

These took under 5 minutes to make and were super yummy!


  • 1 lb lean beef
  • 3-4 T basil pesto
  • 2-3 T goat cheese
  • 1/2 T olive oil
  • Optional: onion slices, tomato slices, avocado slices, sauteed mushroom slices, mixed greens, bun of choice (we used a ciabatta roll)


Blend meat, pesto, and goat cheese in a bowl with your hands.  Mold into small patties with your hands.  Heat oil on the stovetop and once oil is hot, place the patties onto the pan.  Flip once one side is browned.  Serve once patty is cooked through and is slightly pink (or to personal liking)