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(Client names omitted for patient privacy assurance)

Older Guy in Nature Case Study

Case Study #1:

Client: 61-year-old male

Situation: Seeking a healthier lifestyle

Outcome: Reduction in blood pressure medications and weight loss


This client came to me thinking that overall, he was fairly healthy and active, but wanting to become even healthier.  He said right off the bat that he knew I was going to tell him to cut out the sweets of his diet and that he was sure that was his biggest downfall.  After thorough examination, I concluded that although he consumed a large amount of sugars in a day, my biggest concern was all of the blood pressure medications that he was taking (3 different types!) and that I was confident we could get him off of them altogether.  With my assistance and the client’s perseverance, three months later he was not only off all three of his blood pressure medications (for life!), but he had also dropped 15 pounds and was feeling ‘better than he had in years!’.


Case Study #2:

Client: 83-year-old female

Situation: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Outcome: Improved symptoms, reduction in medications, increased energy


This client suffered from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and had been living with the pain for years.  She ate a fairly healthy diet, in general, and went water-walking for exercise 4 days per week.  I reviewed her medication list and realized that she was on two different medications that were not in line with any medical issue that she claimed to have (both of which had arthritis as known side effects).  After encouraging her to contact her physician, it seems that she did not need to be taking these medications and was, in fact, wrongly prescribed them years earlier.  We fine tuned her diet to promote anti-inflammatory pathways and with her doctors consent she went off of the meds and says her arthritic symptoms are under control and she has more energy to be more active with her husband and children.


Case Study #3:

Client: 25-year-old male

Situation: Athlete (Rock Climber) wanting to improve performance

Outcome: Increased muscle mass, leaner body type, increased athletic performance


This gentleman requested some assistance with nutrition in order to improve his strength as a performance athlete.  He was trying to lose weight to make him lighter so that pulling himself up rock faces could become easier.  We revamped his eating habits (namely timing of meals, number of meals and snacks in a day, as well as provided him with ideal snack options) and within one month he tacked on more muscle, but became leaner.  This combination allowed him to climb harder and with less fatigue than he was previously experiencing.  We continue to work together by constantly improving dietary habits and he reports that his performance is currently the strongest it has ever been.


woman dancing in field case study

Case Study #4:

Client: 52-year-old female

Situation: Prolonged Ileus post two surgeries

Outcome: Ability to consume a regular diet and build strength to fight her condition.


This woman presented with a very unfortunate situation, where she had a block in her small bowel and had been vomiting everything that she consumed for a complete month.  While in the hospital, I visited with her daily to discuss options and to see the state of her symptoms.  We ended up treating her with TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), which is a complete form of nutrition found in liquid form that is inserted directly into the veins.  This allowed her to maintain her nutritional status despite her current ailments.  We were able to wean her off of the TPN and re-introduce clear liquids, then progress to full liquids, and eventually get her back to eating whole foods.   Together we discussed foods that she should avoid for awhile and others that are recommended in order to prevent another Ileus from arising.  She said that although this was a horrible time for her, she knows that without the help of the Dietitians her body strength would never be where it is today and that she knows it was the nutrients, which saved her life.

Case Study #5:

Client: 31-year-old-female

Situation: Poor immune system (frequently having to miss work for having colds)

Outcome: Improved immune system functioning and no symptoms of a cold for 1.5 years (and counting!)


This individual was curious as to how to improve her immune system functioning because she stated that she was ‘tired of getting sick all of the time’.  We discussed how the gut functions and ways to increase the ‘good’ bacteria, while decreasing the ‘bad’ bacteria to promote immune health.  She quickly adopted the changes/additions to her diet and although she does not notice much of a difference in her day-to-day life, she has been ‘cold-free’ for 1.5 years (and counting)!