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I initially approached Jamie Lamb with the intent of understanding at a deeper level my physiological makeup. Internally I needed to know where I stood with my health.  I have had many specialists work with me throughout my professional sports career, but none have thoroughly addressed the most fundamental aspect of what now makes me a well-rounded athlete.  Working with Jamie allows me to approach every meal with a plan and a goal and because of this I am now far healthier than I was just 6 months ago.  In addition to this, I have just recently undergone a major surgery and the outcome and recovery has been exceptionally incredible due, in part, to my diet as dictated by Jamie.  Both before and after surgery, my meal plan and attitude allowed me to operate at a peak level and I am overly thankful for her help and knowledge.  A couple of the small altercations that were suggested to me have been easy to employ and yet the outcome in such a short period of time has been fantastic.

-David L.

Thank you for a WONDERFUL session focused on my nutritional intake habits and needs! I am very grateful to have met you, had your testing done in CO, and that we could have this follow up today. I have a much clearer picture of what I need to do to balance out my diet, and a new order of structuring throughout the day, and before/after work-outs! Thanks for your enthusiasm, and patience in moving me forward to reach my goals!! YOU ARE TERRIFIC!

– Diana Hayes Dethlefs


When I first went to Dietary Designs, I thought that I was a very healthy eater. I was 62 years of age and not overweight or out of shape. I was on blood pressure medicine because I had what I was told was familial hypertension. Jamie did a complete diet analysis for me and she showed me that even though I was eating what I thought was healthy I had some issues that needed correction. She reformed my diet so now I am taking less than 1/2 of the blood pressure medicine and I think that I am on my way to the elimination of all blood pressure medicine.  I feel much better and my doctor is amazed. I highly recommend her expert analysis and programs.



I reached out to Jamie Lamb at Dietary Designs for a better understanding of where my mind and body was and how to improve them for a healthier lifestyle. As a teacher, I struggled with having a constant schedule and time to eat as well as having opportunities to pick healthy options. Jamie took my schedule and routines and worked around my life and helped me make realistic goals in which I could meet. Through many conversations and ongoing support, we set up a system for myself in which I knew I could be successful. One goal at a time and constant monitoring, Jamie’s wide range of expertise regarding nutrition helped me become more healthy and excited about cooking. Her dedication towards cooking and sharing healthy food ideas inspired me to become a mini chef! I now cook with excitement and eat knowing that because of Jamie I am putting healthy, nutritious and of course delicious food into my body. I am so lucky to have worked with her in knowing that her impact will stay with me for a lifetime!

-Marni K.


I’ve been eating poorly for the majority of my adult life. Well… Lets be honest. The entirety of my adult life. I hate cooking and food preparation of any kind, so I didn’t really eat anything that didn’t come out of a sealed bag ready to consume. I went in for my first evaluation with DD and surprisingly was reasonably healthy. A lot better than I expected. Still, with Jamie’s simple plans and advice, I’ve been able to eat dramatically healthier and improve my muscle tone. Waking up is easier, as is working all day without yawning myself into oblivion. I’m cooking more often these days, and eating healthier and it shows, according to my lovely girlfriend, who happens to enjoy the way my body looks now. Cant believe it took a quick visit to change my life so drastically. highly recommended. Thanks Jamie!

-Thomas F.


Jamie is a very professional and well-informed dietitian.  Her knowledge regarding the ‘science of food’ is always apparent.  She is helpful and easy to communicate with.  Jamie made recommendations that accommodated my food preferences, career, and lifestyle.  She gave me tools of knowledge in order to lose body fat without being hungry or feeling deprived!  She has empowered me to make healthy food choices.  I greatly appreciate her.



Since working with Jamie Lamb at Dietary Designs I have learned how to eat, how to metabolize more efficiently, to eat the proper types of food and in correct proportions.  I have lost body fat, gained lean muscle mass, lost weight, and have more energy than I have had in a long time.  I intend to continue to work with her and expand my knowledge.

-Becky L.


As a yoga instructor, Jamie Lamb is my go to person for nutrition and diet related questions.  Her attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate her deep health knowledge enabled us to quickly get to the root of my health concerns.  Jamie creates a supportive atmosphere for her clients to explore and improve their health situations.  She has given me the tools I need to make healthy eating choices everyday.  Jamie’s dedication to health and wellness is amazing and I am lucky to have found her.



As a fairly healthy person and a vegetarian for over 20 years I felt very good about my overall health but not 100% in control.  When my weight would fluctuate I didn’t always understand why.  I was clueless regarding my metabolic rate, my body composition and what my target caloric intake goals should be.  I needed to step-up regarding healthy food combinations & food choices that would maximize the nutrition my active body craved.  I felt overwhelmed by what I didn’t understand and I knew I needed help.

That’s when I decided to meet with Jamie.  It was immediately evident that her knowledge of nutrition and diet would help empower me to gain insight into my body’s needs.  Jamie’s passion, understanding, and dedication to the field of nutrition are nothing shy of exemplary!  Her eloquent way of explaining things of the nutritional-world provided me with new clarity.  Armed with a new understanding, in an area that once seemed overwhelming, I began gaining control.  I was living in a fool’s paradise believing that my diet was good enough.  I failed to see the connection of some of my poor food habits (that in reality were my misread cravings) resulting in feeling sluggish, bloated and depleted.  Today I feel like a layer of hidden bad habits has lifted and enabled me to move forward, where I once felt stuck and helpless I now feel capable and free.  Jamie has guided me to make an extraordinary investment; it’s truly the investment of a lifetime…my health.

To be empowered with incredible knowledge is a great gift.  My only regret is that I didn’t meet with Jamie sooner.  I became complacent that good was good enough.

Not anymore! With Jamie’s testing, personalized goal setting, and informative follow-up appointments I am excited to report I have been feeling excellent, and good will never be good enough again.