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Behind the scenes (in the kitchen of Sweet Pea)….

Behind the scenes (in the kitchen of Sweet Pea)….     People are always asking which restaurants are the healthiest in town.  Steamboat has a small selection to choose from.  What Steamboat does have, however, are plenty of restaurants that have healthy menu items (even if their full menu is not the healthiest).  Local restaurants that take the initiative to provide healthy menu items deserve to be recognized! Each month of 2013, a different restaurant in Steamboat will be featured and the most nutritious menu entrees will be highlighted.  The restaurants will be chosen based upon particular menu items and not necessarily on the health value of the overall menu.  The individual menu items will be chosen based upon nutrient density and general well-roundedness (incorporation of multiple food groups).  If you have any questions or would like your restaurant to be featured, please contact Jamie Alperin at...

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